Felicia’s in London!

Felicia is doing great! She is in London, had a few minor hangups on the first day, not knowing where she was, but she handled herself great! We are very proud! She has met with the Contiki tour and is off tomorrow at 6:45 AM for the Netherlands. She is enjoying London and it’s been really fun for me, cause she has been calling and checking in. The best part for me is that she is seeing everything differently because she is in a different country. She is enjoying the supermarket, and continues to tell me how much I would love it there! It’s fun to watch, and this should only get more exciting as the Contiki tour actually begins. Today was just a free day for her to relax, and get acquainted with London.

That’s all for now, we’ll keep you posted!


Thank God it’s Friday!

Spaghetti Sauce and a new way to peel garlic (quick and easy)

Well, we canned some spaghetti sauce this weekend, I think it was the best sauce I have ever made.  Good news is we wrote down every single ingredient, by weight, and so now we have accurate measurements of what all is in it.

We did learn this VERY valuable tip, that I think you might appreciate.  We saw a video on how to peel garlic in 10 seconds.  So, you take the clove of garlic and set it on a hard surface, then you smash it with the palm of your hand, or fist, so that it breaks the cloves apart.  Then you put the garlic in a bowl, cover it with another bowl and shake shake shake it, shake it hard, don’t be shy… for about 7 seconds.  That’s it!  Take the top bowl off and it’s magic, the garlic is completely peeled! Hope you enjoy the tip of the day, I know I did.