Take II offshore :)

We have spent the last week in Georgetown, SC and we had been thinking about heading down the ICW tomorrow, that was until we met Gordon and Joyce from the “Jabberwocky”, a 43′ Slocum that is headed offshore this morning, their passage is will be 3 days as they are headed for Cape Canaveral.

We are going to follow their lead and head off tomorrow, to Saint Simons, GA.

Seas are small, 2-3 feet during the day and 3-5 at night, with winds slow 5-10 knots.  These are not ideal sailing winds, but they will help us move down the coast much faster, and much less frustrating!

We have spent the past week repairing our dinghy (only 1 small hole left), putting up the lifeline netting and settling in with the 4 kitties, who have recently joined us on board!

We also had a really nice visit with Felicia and Josh (over spring break), it was great having them aboard! It is so amazing how fast our babies grow up.



Didn’t quite make it offshore today…

We did not make it out today. We got all the way to the entrance channel, we were clearing the breakers and taking 8 foot waves on the nose… we decided we would wait for a better weather window. Felicia is a little sad, as she has to drive back to Tampa (9 hours) but she understands and we are having a great visit!

Hope all is well there, we will keep you posted, at this point, we are staying in Georgetown through Sunday, then back to the ICW for now… as high tide will be during the daylight hours…

Tuesday – Mar 6

Felicia arrived last night. She brought the cats with her. We are now a boat of 9 souls.

We have spent the last few days resting and working on projects. We now feel we are in a position to make that coastal run we have been planning. We leave in the am for St Simons Island, GA. We should arrive before 4pm on Thursday. We are not as scared as we once were, it is time. We subscribed to Chris Parker’s weather service he sees no weather reason for us to not have a great sail.

It should be a great time.

Mustard glaze for salmon!

Georgetown, SC 3/5/2012 We have spent 3 days in Georgetown and we are more relaxed than we have been since we moved onto our boat.  We have worked, but not all day and because we have not had to move the boat, we have been able to relax and enjoy our new lifestyle a little bit more.

We took a bike ride today and found the “Independent Seafood Company”. We bought a salmon fillet and 2 lbs of shrimp. We cooked the salmon up for dinner and served it with alphabet pasta. It was the best salmon we ever ate. Here is the recipe and hope you like it!

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Thursday – Mar 1

What a day….

This was our longest yet. We made 42 miles. We got in about 30 minutes late because we grounded twice at the Little River Inlet. The first we were off in about 10 minutes, the second took 40. In both cases we were able to back off and into deep water. Boy do we need a forward looking sonar.

We are at Barefoot Landing Marina. It is a strip dock attached to a mall. It is a bit upscale. The restaurants are typical high end chains, nothing really great. We had a late lunch at a burrito shop so dinner was cheese and crackers. One of the stores is a hat shop and they sell Tilley Hats so I was able to replace mine that is tearing, Tilley offers a lifetime guarantee, the new hat cost the difference between the one I had and the one I got, so $12. I also got to keep the old one. Heather got herself a hat too, although she wants her hair to lighten more.

Tomorrows plans are to make more progress and try to make Georgetown Landing in Georgetown, SC. It is 50 miles, so might be a stretch. The backup plan is Wacca Wache Marina at 30 miles. Not much between the two.

Saturdays forecast is calling for thunderstorms. If so we will not be moving.

Fair winds friends…..


Update: Just took the dog for a walk. We were assured there was plenty of water for us. Almost at low tide and we are sitting on the bottom about a foot up. Fun….