Love our new cockpit

Our only concern with buying this boat was the modification that had been done in the cockpit. We had pictures of what it was supposed to look like and loved it. We accepted that at some point we would have to spend the time or money to have it put back. Thanks to the longevity of a welcome work project, that some point came early.


While we were out of town for a couple of months we had the work done. It was a bit of a shot in the dark to get as close to original as possible. I had the luxury of speaking with the designer Ron Amy about plans for the lockers. Ron told me there where no detailed plans. The yard had there locker template that they used on the mold and that was that.

But thanks to our new friends over on Bumfuzzle, who sent us some pictures and dimensions, we were able to get things sorted out.

The work was done at the St Augustine Marine Center and while there have been delays we are still happy with the outcome.