Next on Springer: Chain plates exposed!

Here is this weeks progress.

Next steps:

  • Chain plates come out
  • Interior starts getting put back together
  • New side plates go on
  • We move back aboard
  • The inner fore stay plate and back stay plates get done
  • The rig goes back up
  • We put it all back together

No Disassemble

Progress is slow. This was this past Friday.


Just doesn’t seem right

Heart attack in a bun.


Our mastless boat, a view from the dinghy


Looks Naked

Mast removed

Yup, it’s the boat, not me or Syd…

We had the mast taken down this morning, after a rigging inspection about a week ago that found, multiple cracks on our StaLoc and Swages… and after speaking with a few trusted friends and a surveyor that we love and trust and respect, we decided if we wanted to sail safely, it made sense to have it all replaced now.  The good news is, we won’t have to do this for another 15-20 years if we are lucky.  The rigging inspection also confirmed that we had been hit by lightening in our past, let’s hope we are not ever aboard for that experience first hand :).

We also found out that our staysail was not correctly attached to the turnbuckle, which was causing us problems using it – not just a bearing issue…

The chainplates are glassed into the boat, and that’s not a good thing because water will get in and corrode the metal and because they are “fiberglassed” in, there is no oxygen exposure, so… it is likely that they are not in good shape, but we won’t know until we crack the boat open to replace them.

As of now, MackSails – which come highly recommended and have a GREAT reputation, have our mast and are beginning the re-rigging process.  They will begin the chainplate work once we get the “housing” situation resolved, which should be the end of this week.  This means, we will be land lubbers for a week or so, beginning, we think on Friday, we will be staying in a house in Lake Worth, FL during that time.  That’s all for now, we will post another picture in the near future, a view from the dinghy with our naked boat!

Taco Dip Recipe

We went to a dock sun downer party last night and I made Taco Dip.  It was a huge success and many people were asking for the recipe, so here it goes.  I will have to post a photo, the next time I make it.  We use Old El Paso taco seasoning and spicy refried beans and we use Tostillo’s salsa and nacho cheese.

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Breakfast – Zucchini, Avocado, Cheddar Scramble

This morning, I had a small zucchini and 1/2 an avocado that needed to be used up.  I LOVE zucchini.  Here’s what I did.

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