I have been making Biryani for about 2 years.  I thank my friend Nivi for the basic recipe that I continue to massage into my own little wonderous dish!  Here’s my version, if you like spicy rice and such… this is the dish for you!

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Portuguese Stew – my own little twist

This is something I have never made before.  I had some leftovers in the fridge that needed to be used up.  1 pork tenderloin, some partially cooked bacon pieces and some chopped clams, I took the sausage out of the freezer.  Here it goes…

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DIY Wet Vac

A common problem with cold plate refrigeration is frost buildup. There are few options for removing the frost. One is to shutdown the system until it melts, not practical for a live aboard. Another is to scrape it into the bottom of the freezer, this just changes the problem. To solve this new one you need a way to get the frost(snow) out of the bottom so it does not form a glacier. One could use a shop-vac but those are big and do not store well.

Our solution was US$2.40 of bilge hose attached to a gallon water jug and our rechargeable vacuum the Dyson DC35. It work perfectly removing about a 1/2 gallon of frost.

DIY Wet-Vac

DIY Wet-Vac

Fun with HF email

I have been playing with my SSB lately and got Airmail connected over HF to various stations in the Winlink network. This doesn’t have an incredibly useful benefit right now while we are sitting in the states with ubiquitous wifi but when we head off again it will.

The obvious benefit is to keep in touch with family and friends back home. The second benefit is the locator service provided by Winlink. You may notice the new link on the links menu, this links to our location as last updated. As you can imagine it won’t move around much while we are sitting in St Augustine, probably won’t get updated often either. At some point I’ll make my own that posts directly to our website.

Airmail is windows software, blah, but it works very well under Wine. I have it running on the boat computer and displaying on my laptop via X over SSH. There is software that supports Winlink on linux but it is a steep learning curve. I’ll get to it next.

Here is a table of stations I have connected to, 200nm is enough to get us across the Atlantic. I should be able to connect in the 6000nm – 10000nm range but I think I need to add standoffs to the antenna wire going up the backstay.


 Stations Connected to from my Location
Call Sign Grid Square City, ST Distance
K6IXA CM97QI Atwater, CA  2001NM
KC4TVO EM85WX Bakersville, NC  368NM
KN6KB EL98PF Rockledge, FL  104NM
VE1YZ FN84FS Head of St Margarets Bay, NS  1225NM
W1EO FN42IM carlisle, ma  898NM
W6IM DM12JR San Diego, CA  1840NM
WB9AYD EL87SF Sarasota, FL  170NM