Another day, another annoying rant

Well, it is Tuesday, and I need to rant, but what to say??  The cat is meowing, the husband is telling me, how to get to the blog… lol.  Wow, do I feel stupid! :), okay, not really, but it does add drama to the evening.  Sasha is barking her head off, at whomever is visiting Michael at the cabin, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, how dare you lock your car doors in our driveway! Peanut, for all that know him is crying his eyes out, hoping for another taste of wet food before he goes to bed, pink floyd in the background… with peanut’s meowing, is quite entertaining.  The Wall… We don’t need no education lol… Well, and it’s actually Thursday, wow, it’s either been a long week, or a really short week, you tell me!

That’s it for today, everyone have a great one, and tomorrow, maybe my rant will be more entertaining!

Ferrofluids, yea it is new to me too

I am working on this project that needs magnets, magnets are cool we all know that. I plan to use rare earth magnets because they’re coolest, they are rare and earthy. So, I am out at a magnet supply site looking for a source and I see a menu option titled “Magnetic Tools-Films-Fluids & Gadgets”. Fluids, really….. What can you do with that, quite a bit it seems. Now all I need to do is figure out what I can do with that.

Getting Over Writer’s Block

This interesting approach to writing over at Life Hacker hit home for me. People who know me can attest that I am rarely at a loss for words. But to the contrary I often have great difficulty writing. I blame our failed educational system. Well…. Okay, since I am almost 41 and have been an “adult” longer than I was in school I’ll have to take ownership of my own failings. Anyway, enjoy the read.

Starting a blog

I read this article this morning, that was quite inspirational, an article that talked about writing some 300,000 words every year!  This is something that would put me more in touch with my emotional side, I mean, dig in, as opposed to it just walking by.  I mean, I’m a cancer, so my emotions are out there…  but I tend to walk by them, instead of stopping to really feel them out.  I don’t want to feel bad, or sad, and began wondering how being happy or writing about something inspirational could prove valuable or important to someone else.  Hmmmm, that will give me something to think about.

This should be interesting as we begin to feel this blog out and determine what direction it goes in.


I probably wont write much.

But what I write will be more meaningful than this.