About Syeather

You may ask yourself where we came up with a name like “Syeather”

Well the short version is:

Syd & Heather = Syeather.

The longer and more interesting version is…

Syd and I met a few years ago through work and we became good friends. Our belief in how life should be lived was very similar. We both believed that any relationship should be built upon trust, honesty and respect for each other. As our friendship grew, we would spend hours talking on the phone, you see he lived in Florida and I lived in NY. Those conversations and who we are allowed us to share the deepest side of ourselves with each other. We grew to trust and were completely honest with each other as we began to share all of our thoughts, feelings, fears, dreams and desires. As our friendship grew over time we fell deeply in love. We decided that we could not live without the other. We have a mutual friend , Jeff Sv, who saw how similar we are, how we have the same life goals. He was the one who tagged us “Syeather”.

Where we were:

Syd moved to NY in July of 2004. We are as happy as we ever have been. We were married in May of 2005 on the beach in Cape Hattaras! The name “Syeather” has stuck with us and we are often referred to that way by friends and relatives.

Follow along to see where we are now

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