I want to say that living on a sailboat makes one take more pictures of sunsets than most other places, but given the number of sunsets I see online and have taken over the years makes me think otherwise. What I can say is that sunsets look really good from the deck of a boat. This past Saturday was exceptional, Heather and I took turns taking pictures. We got our boat in the background but also got Red Ranger. I hope you enjoy.

Our First Grand Daughter

It is my pleasure to introduce Amy Lynn.

Amy Lynn

First of May

Alright, this is a little late, but we heard this song for the first time at a bar in St Augustine, called the “No Name” bar and the acoustic guitar player, Evan, is there every Sunday night, quite talented.  I told him he should be on the Coffee House on SIRIUS Radio, and he said he had a song for us that should be on the coffee house, although, i need to advise you, if you play this, don’t play it around young children…

It’s written by Jonathon Coulton, hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Foam block setting. Love it.



Take II offshore :)

We have spent the last week in Georgetown, SC and we had been thinking about heading down the ICW tomorrow, that was until we met Gordon and Joyce from the “Jabberwocky”, a 43′ Slocum that is headed offshore this morning, their passage is will be 3 days as they are headed for Cape Canaveral.

We are going to follow their lead and head off tomorrow, to Saint Simons, GA.

Seas are small, 2-3 feet during the day and 3-5 at night, with winds slow 5-10 knots.  These are not ideal sailing winds, but they will help us move down the coast much faster, and much less frustrating!

We have spent the past week repairing our dinghy (only 1 small hole left), putting up the lifeline netting and settling in with the 4 kitties, who have recently joined us on board!

We also had a really nice visit with Felicia and Josh (over spring break), it was great having them aboard! It is so amazing how fast our babies grow up.



Tuesday – Mar 6

Felicia arrived last night. She brought the cats with her. We are now a boat of 9 souls.

We have spent the last few days resting and working on projects. We now feel we are in a position to make that coastal run we have been planning. We leave in the am for St Simons Island, GA. We should arrive before 4pm on Thursday. We are not as scared as we once were, it is time. We subscribed to Chris Parker’s weather service he sees no weather reason for us to not have a great sail.

It should be a great time.



And away we go




So completely not cool


Peanut is super snuggly.


He is being a little odd lately.