Warm Fuzzies

Did you ever have a smell or taste that reminded you of someone you loved or something in your younger years?

One of my favorite tastes from my childhood is NJ Taylor Pork Roll.  If you have not spent a lot of time in New Jersey, you may ask yourself, what the heck is pork roll?  Here’s there link:  http://www.jerseyporkroll.com/what.htm, it’s an interesting story.  We asked Price Chopper in Glenmont, NY to carry it and they actually brought it in and now I have it on my breakfast sandwiches, and it reminds me of my Gram.

My Gram, she lives in NJ and when we would go visit her as children, she would always have pork roll and cook some up with breakfast.  My Gram is the sweetest, most loveable woman I have ever known and to this day, she still holds a wonderful place in my heart.  She is smart, her memory is still sharp as a tack!  I respect her and she will always be a big warm fuzzy for me.  I love you Gram!!

The wonderful taste of pork roll and my memories of my sweet Gram is why it gives me a warm fuzzy every time I eat it. Thank you Jersey Pork Roll for bringing me back to my childhood every time I taste you.

Please share something that gives you a warm fuzzy too!

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