Our wedding vows, 7 years ago today 5/15/05

Syd and I were married, just 7 years ago today.  There are some ironic things about the day we got married,  first and foremost is that we chose this day and then realized that it was the same day that my sweet Gram and Pop Pop, Connie and Earle Drake got married.  They were married 70 years ago, today! Happy 70th anniversary my sweet Gram and Pop Pop.

Syd’s brother, David also married Lesa on May 16th, so his anniversary is tomorrow, I think it’s about 24 years they have been married.  We are so glad they were able and willing to celebrate with us 7 years ago,  Happy Anniversary David and Lesa!

We wrote our own vows and shared them with our friends and family in Frisco, North Carolina just 7 short years ago.  We rented a house called the “Nautilus”: http://www.surforsound.com/properties/property/653#.  It was beautiful, 4,000 square feet, with 4,500 sq feet of deck space, right on the beach where we got married.  It was a dream and it was the dream we chose, instead of a typical church or outdoor wedding and honeymoon, we decided to spend the week with our family, it was amazing!

If you read our vows, at the link below, please note that you may want to grab a tissue, I cannot read the entire poem without crying out loud.  It has always touched my heart, just as Syd has touched my life.  I am lucky, I am living my life with my perfect partner on a sailboat that we dreamed about together.



Our Tips and Tricks for a wonderful relationship:

1) Be True:  You are special, always be true to who you are

2) Communication: Make sure you can talk about anything, if you can’t talk about it, you will obsess about it and that is never good

3) Love them for who they are:  Don’t try to change them, love them for who they are and if you don’t, they probably are not the right person for you

4) Be Yourself:  If you are not able to be yourself, then move on.  It is hard to live life as someone you were not meant to be.

5) Be Honest:  Always be honest with yourself and with others, then there is nothing to hide, ever.

I consider myself lucky, lucky to have found myself and lucky to have found my perfect partner.


Happy Anniversary Syd, you are perfect for me!

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2 Responses

  1. Chris Simson says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary!!! Much happiness and many more!!

  2. Chris Simson says:

    Sorry, I was so tongue-tied just now…

    Heather and Syd: Much happiness now and for many more years to come!!!

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