Windy Day

It is a very windy day here in St Augustine, 23mph gusts to 40mph over night. When the wind comes up all sorts of things can happen, most are not good at all.

There is a boat that anchors north of the Bridge of Lions that always wants to go walkabout. This time the owner was able to get on her before she drifted through the mooring field, like last year.

Sadly others aren’t so lucky. There is a family of 7, 2 adults; 3 kids(babys); and 2 dogs; that part-time on a trimaran. There boat was swept under the bridge and has sunk. They are good people and had just spent a fair bit of time working on it.

Under most conditions leaving your boat on the hook works out fine. It is the extremes that hurt us the most. If you have to leave your boat for a long time, it is my opinion that it should be on a mooring or in a yard.

Finally, I have to give Heather a big, shout-out, high five, fist-bump, hug. She was in the dinghy and 30 minutes early to work this morning.

Video after the gallery. Two clips, single-handed mooring attempt and Police assisted.

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