The Stingray Experience

As the stingray approached me, I was nervous, it was huge!  I had my hand in the water and he was supposed to take the piece of squid and move on by.  That’s not what happened!

Eight of us were in Green Turtle Cay, Bahama’s for six days!  We stayed in this beautiful house at the end of the island, called Coco Hideaway.  It was about a 20 minute ride to downtown via golf cart.  The water was crystal clear and the most majestic color blue.   The Hawkbill turtles came for a visit, they were so cute!

We decided to rent a boat to see the sights: Swim with the pigs, stingray beach, tool around the beautiful islands.  The water and weather was beautiful!  Our first stop, No Name Cay, to swim with the pigs.  Look at them, living on the island. They even had little babies, awwww aren’t they cute?  Oops, in that third photo, she left a smokey trail in the water…

This is pretty cool; There is a guy, named Craig Russell who has been taking care of feeding these pigs for about 5 years.  If you want to help out, here’s a link.

That was fun, now off to Nunjack Cay (stingray beach), we were hoping to see some!  Look at the clarity of that water, it is so heavenly.  A boat passed by us and anchored much closer to the pass between the two islands.  We jump in the water and decide to head that direction.

As we approach the boat, we realize that this captain has paying customers and we watch, hoping to touch one as they pass by.  After a few minutes, the captain offered to give us some squid to feed them.  He says, hold your hand flat and they will swim by and take it from you.  Woo hoo, okay, I’m in!  He tosses us some squid, I crouch down in the water and this huge stingray approaches.  He slides up, he is so soft and silky smooth and he runs his body up onto my leg and next thing you know, he’s got my outer thigh!  Look at my facem Lesa was able to somehow capture the exact moment, really freaked me out!  I stood right up, and said, he SUCKED ON MY LEG!  I obviously was done feeding the stingray squid and got right out of the water lol.  Lesa got another shot of him after. Amazing photos of the big guy (I think it was a guy)!

I have never seen the underside of a stingray in person and figured I should get to know him a little bit better.  I found this photo on Shutterstock, kind of cute right?

This was such a monumental moment, something I will never forget.  Melissa suggested I get a tattoo and well, that was exactly what I did, as soon as the welt healed.  We met with Johnn when we got back to the states, the same guy that did our wedding band tattoo’s, and he began sketching the tattoo outline.  This was the final result and we were all extremely happy with the outcome.

Getting a Stingray hickey is not uncommon, although, more people get jabbed with his spiny tail (a much more painful experience).  Thanks to Johnn Sosa for the beautful tattoo! I have a permanent reminder of an amazing moment!

We think we should create a hot sauce called The Stingray Hickey, or a spicy cocktail – with an oyster shooter, will keep you posted if that happens, lol!

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