Author: Syd Alsobrook

Windy Day

It is a very windy day here in St Augustine, 23mph gusts to 40mph over night. When the wind comes up all sorts of things can happen, most are not good at all.

DIY Wet Vac

A common problem with cold plate refrigeration is frost buildup. There are few options for removing the frost. One is to shutdown the system until it melts, not practical for a live aboard. Another...

Fun with HF email

I have been playing with my SSB lately and got Airmail connected over HF to various stations in the Winlink network. This doesn’t have an incredibly useful benefit right now while we are sitting...

Waterspouts Everywhere

I have not seen a waterspout before this year and now I have seen a dozen. This one is over St. Augustine yesterday(Sept 18, 2013). Here is the post from Marathon

Engine Trouble

For those of you following along at home. We have left Marathon and are heading back to St Augustine. On our second day we noticed an odd sound. Looking into the engine room I...