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Spice conversion from home to boat! Yup we love our spices…


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Oh Mr. Sunbeam, how I do love you



Carbon monoxide poisoning

Monday night, the day after Christmas, we were visiting with Nana and the Carbon Monoxide Poisening detector went off.  We reset it, and it went off again. We changed the batteries,  and it went off again. Not wanting to be chicken little we called the local Fire Department and they told us that because the detector was over 5 years old, that it could be providing an inaccurate reading.  We went out, bought new ones, put them up and no more warnings!  YAY!!!

In case you don’t remember, we were on TV about 5-6 years ago, because we did have Carbon Monoxide in our home.  If we did not have a detector…

It was a cold winters night, right before christmas, and we were getting ready to go out of town and our detector went off.  We reset it, and it went off again.  We called local Fire Company, they said dial 911.  We were like, noooooo…  We called 911.  They told us to take the animals and get out of the house, open the windows, and wait in your car until we arrive.  We followed their instructions and they came, we all ended up going to the Emergency Room to check our levels, and we were safe.

Here’s what happened:  Our Furnace was natural gas, and the filter had not been changed in a while, and it caused a crack in the furnace, and Carbon Monoxide was poisening us. 

The morale of this story is… 

We were lucky, we had a detector that was active and it saved our lives.  If we hadn’t we may have been that family who never woke up the next morning, or ended up in the hospital very sick. Needless to say, please if you don’t have one already, go and get one, they are worth their investment in gold, especially if it saves your life.   

Felicia’s in London!

Felicia is doing great! She is in London, had a few minor hangups on the first day, not knowing where she was, but she handled herself great! We are very proud! She has met with the Contiki tour and is off tomorrow at 6:45 AM for the Netherlands. She is enjoying London and it’s been really fun for me, cause she has been calling and checking in. The best part for me is that she is seeing everything differently because she is in a different country. She is enjoying the supermarket, and continues to tell me how much I would love it there! It’s fun to watch, and this should only get more exciting as the Contiki tour actually begins. Today was just a free day for her to relax, and get acquainted with London.

That’s all for now, we’ll keep you posted!