Route planning and tracks for various trips. Suitable for import into OpenCPN and other chart plotters.


St Augustine to Cape Canaveral

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BVI To Tampa

The BVI is a great place to sail. We spent 8 days there in both 2006 and 2007 with Sunsail. We had a great time. We look forward to sailing there on our own boat.

  • Distance: 1416.97
  • Time: 8 Days  16 Hours  10 Minutes

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Forts Myers to Bahamas

Not sure exactly why we would leave from Ft Myers.

  • Distance: 291.74NM
  • Time: 2 Days  00 Hours  37 Minutes

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Oriental to Tampa

This spring we will be moving our boat to Tampa. This is the general route we might take.

This trip is made up of many segments.

  • Distance: 1416.97
  • Time:  9 Day 18 Hours 59 Minutes

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Tampa to Key West

  • Distance: 178.58NM
  • Time: 1 Days  05 Hours  45 Minutes

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