Wednesday – Feb 29

Today was a good day.

Started the day off in Wrightsville Beach. Pushed off the dock at about 9:15 and headed south. Weather was decent, calm when we left with a raising breeze.

Made Snows Cut in no time. Was visited by dolphins twice, we can pay a bit more attention to them as we are getting used to driving the boat. Once through the cut we entered Cape Fear River. Lots of depth and no worries about grounding.

Coming back into the ICW was easy enough, you could easily miss it if you didn’t have a chart. We were tied up at South Harbour Village Marina by 1 o’clock. Got some fuel and pumped out the head.

Tomorrows forecast calls for a slight chance of a severe thunder storm, with large gusts and fog before 11. We will check the weather in the morning and adjust our plans accordingly. We hope to make the Myrtle Beach area, possibly The Marina at Dock Holidays.

Forks in the road

3am, see the time stamp.
We are tied up in Morehead City and the wind is blowing 10 – 15 knots. I just went and added a second spring line and pulled in some cushions.
Heather and I are discussing our plans. We are anxious about how to go next, off shore or down the ICW. We are wide awake now, she is catching up on her Words with friends. I am doing this, obvious. Either way will be fine it is just new.
What do you do when the road less traveled has forks?

Status update – The To Go list

Many have been asking for an update. We are getting close and it looks like our next big hurdle will be the weather.

The list is broken into two sections. The first is stuff that must be done before we leave. The second is stuff that should be done as soon as possible.

Must be done

  • Tri-color/Anchor light replacement – The new bulbs are on the boat just need to go back up the mast.
  • Fuel – Need more. We have two 140 Gal diesel tanks, stb is empty, port has ~30%. The port tank fuel is old, we are going to get a biocide and burn it. The new fuel will go in the stb tank. Any fuel issues we switch filters and tanks.
  • Gen Set – Once away from the dock this will be our primary power source. It currently does not stay running. My brother thinks it is a fuel issue, bleed line and check filter.
  • Anchor, chain, and windlass – We know the windlass works but we don’t know how the rest looks. We will pull it all out onto the dock and check it out.
  • Propane – We started our second bottle last week. We will fill the first before we head out.
  • Fill water tanks – We have three for a total of 300 Gal, we have only be using one. We had planned to fill all three but Heather heard something about the water quality here and wants to wait on the other two. We have been drinking bottled water.
  • Check steering fluid – We have hydraulic steering. Both helms should work.
  • Jacklines & Tethers – Required when going offshore. We have all materials just need to make them.
  • Oil Change – Should be obvious
  • Raw water impeller – This pulls seawater through the engine to cool it. Replacement due.
  • Wind steeringPartially complete. It is fully installed but a cable is binding. Really got to have if going off shore.


  • Flares – Complete. Needed new ones. Keeping the old
  • Boat name change – Complete
  • Head – Complete. Must be able to pee.

Should be done

  • Tiller set screws – See this post
  • Solar panel – It works, needs to be attached to batteries with with either a charge controller or a diode
  • Lifeline netting – For the critters. We have all materials.
  • Shower – The shower faucets need to be replaced, there is some water.
  • Spreader lights – Really nice to have. Both our bulbs have blown and I want to replace with LEDs.
  • RIB checked – We have two dinghies on board. One hard that sits up on deck and a RIB the hangs off the davits. The rib was deflated, we bought a pump, two of the three chambers have leaks.
  • Outboards checked – We have two outboards and one tank. I can row the hard dinghy.
  • Third reef – Our main has three reefs, the third does not have foot tie lines.
Yep lots to do. We are thinking we will head out Thursday and go the ICW for the first part until the weather opens up to jump offshore.



Yes I am still afraid of heights

The wind anemometer was not spinning, I thought a cup was missing, and the masthead tri-color/anchor light was missing the anchor and the stern white light. To check these someone had to go up the mast.

I have always been afraid of heights but I have purposely done things over the years to move beyond that fear. This was my second attempt to go up. The first ended before the first spreader. This morning I remembered changing the building lights at Kings Island. Back then I would hang in a bosun’s chair from the end of a crane and change the lights that outlined the buildings. That was 20 years ago, but I figured that if I could do that then, I could do this now.

I’ll have to go up again next week to change the bulbs but it will be much easier.

Getting ready to paint over the old boat name.


Windvane steering reattached

Still have to connect control cables.

Just watchin’ the world go by.

And away we go