Getting ready to paint over the old boat name.


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2 Responses

  1. Chris Simson says:

    Hey…how’d the painting go?

    Are you in FL yet?

    You look like you’re having FUN!!! You go, Girl!!

    • Heather Alsobrook says:

      Hey Chris!

      Painting is still in progress. We can only do 1 coat/day, and it has to be over 50 degrees! Yesterday it wasn’t, lol. But today, did a second coat and the starboard side of the boat. Will not be able to finish the name until I get back from Florida Idropping the Jeep off on Sunday and flying back to NC on Tuesday. We are hoping to be headed south to florida about a week after that, provided that the weather cooperates.

      We also have our sails off to the sale repair guy to fix some worn stitching, should not be too serious, but needs to be done before we head off.

      I promise to keep the site updated as we near the departure.

      Thanks for your comment!

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