Didn’t quite make it offshore today…

We did not make it out today. We got all the way to the entrance channel, we were clearing the breakers and taking 8 foot waves on the nose… we decided we would wait for a better weather window. Felicia is a little sad, as she has to drive back to Tampa (9 hours) but she understands and we are having a great visit!

Hope all is well there, we will keep you posted, at this point, we are staying in Georgetown through Sunday, then back to the ICW for now… as high tide will be during the daylight hours…

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4 Responses

  1. Wellyes says:

    Hi Heather,

    How are the love birds doing? I miss you. I miss saying Heatherrrrrr! in the mornings. I miss you bringing me my coffee from the microwave as a favor to me. I hope you are both well as well as the little animals. Keep in touch

    • Heather Alsobrook says:


      How are you doing? You brought a huge smile to my face this morning, thank you for touching base :). We are lovely, doing great! It’s been quite the learning curve, but we are settling into it very nicely. We are heading offshore to saint simon’s island tomorrow, GA, motor sailing cause the winds will be light, but we are happy to be moving again! Please tell everyone I said hello and give them all a squeeze from me. You guys are great, any big lotto winnings yet??

  2. Wellyes says:

    We are still plugging along with the Lotto, no big winnings. We have a few new employees, they are great. Other than that nothing really new. Brook is going to Italy at the end of this month or beginning of April. Lynette is working in a different department now as a grade 11. How did the animals adjust to being out at sea?

  3. Wellyes says:

    I took a look at pics of St. Simons Island it is beautiful. Enjoy have a safe trip.

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