Foggy this morning!

It’s been foggy for a few days here, but we thought, as we got lost on our dinghy ride to the dock, that we would share a few photo’s of our ride in.  Please note that usually we can see all the way to the marina from our boat, and now, we cannot even see the next mooring ball.

We were on our way in and we saw the shuttle come up from behind us, we turned and stopped to say “hi” and when we were done, we both were completely disoriented.  We started off towards where we thought the marina office was and realized we were heading into the channel!  We quickly turned around and headed towards shore, thankfully we caught site of a mooring ball and one of the boats in the field.  We turned and saw the shuttle heading away from us across the channel and then he realized he didn’t know where he was going either and shortly thereafter, he turned around and headed back towards the marina office too.  We had both gotten lost!  The good news is the channel is not too wide, so it was a short “lost” moment!  Hope all of our friends are hunkered down, this is not the kind of weather that you want to be maneuvering about in.

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