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It’s been a long time coming. Mama’s Sauces was thought about and created back in 2011. We formulated a couple of sauces and it was only a dream of ours to fulfill. Today, we were accepted into the Gulfport, FL Fresh Market, where we will begin to sell our sauces. September 23rd is our “go live” date! We will have four sauces:

  1. Spicy Marinara – a tomato and onion sauce with just the right amount of heat!
  2. Heavenly BBQ Simmer Sauce – a smoky BBQ sauce with onions and it’s like nothing you have had before! Cook pork, chicken or tofu, it all tastes great and samples will be available at the booth!
  3. FraDiavolo – a spicy garlicky tomato sauce, not too thick, cook it with shrimp and/or scallops for a fantastic gourmet dinner! Recipe’s for these dishes will also be online and available/distributed with each purchase.  (No Onions)
  4. Michigan Sauce – Chili Dog Sauce! This is a spicy tomato sauce that you mix with hamburger to make a meat/chili sauce to put on your hot dog. Think cheese coney.

Samples will be available at the fresh market.

So many decisions still have to be made.  What kind of tables, what color canopy, where to get the banner done, we are still missing a couple of ingredients that our “go to” store does not carry.  Where will we store all the ready made sauce?  I do need to say thank you to so many of my friends and family that have been supporting us and tasting these sauces, letting us use their kitchen to produce large quantities of sauce for formulating.

I guess this is the time to begin all the thank you’s!

First to my Mom, for being okay with us taking some of the family recipes and making them available to everyone!  She was my teacher and mentor.  She taught me what it was to love someone.  She taught me to cook when I was 5 and younger, I’m sure!  She taught me to sail and the love of sailing.  Goooo MOM, thank you for always being my cheerleader!  She has always been my hero and I hope she continues to be proud of what I am doing.

Family, Michael and Felicia, my babies, putting up with my cooking all those years! :).  They know how to cook too and are creating recipe’s of their own to add to the family collection.  It’s beautiful to watch their passion!

My husband Syd, love of my life.  My anchor in strong winds.  I love you sweetheart and you have supported me in everything I do!  I love you, you are perfect for me and I look forward to each day we have together.

Friends, there are so many and even so many more now that we have joined the sailing community.  Thank you for your support, whether you were tasters at the office, or at Syd’s office, or in my home, or on my boat, or someone that I gave a jar of sauce to to try.  To all of those that came to the Super Bowl party of 2013 at Tony and Michelle’s!  You all helped us and we really appreciate everything you have done to support us thus far!   We still live on the boat and the logistics of doing this are immense.  We have good friends in the area, Jeff and Tawnyia that have given us some valuable resources and without them, well, we might not be as far along as we are right now!

I am humbled after receiving the first acceptance into a farmers market and really hope we are accepted into the St Petersburg, FL Saturday Market as well.  Fingers crossed and we will keep you all posted.  If you want the most up to date Mama’s Sauces information, join our Facebook page at: or visit our website store (which will be live on 9/23/13) at

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