Stove Drama

Sunday, we decided to work on the stove and see if we could get the burners and broiler replaced.  We had to drill out the old burners to get the screws out cause they were seized and stripped (before we tried).  Once we got the burners off and pulled the top cover, we realized that apparently our force 10 stove has 2 burner retro kits.  We got the one that doesn’t work on our stove.  We took a deep breath and were like, okay, we can work through this, we’ll just keep our fuel lines and clean the thermocouples.  We still thought we could get the stove fixed.  We tried to loosen the bolts on the fuel lines and they are seized, we got one of them off, but couldn’t remove the fuel line from the burner.  Bottom line is a new stove is in our future.  We have ordered it, but cannot get it delivered until Wednesday.  We are delayed in Melbourne, FL for a few more days.

On a positive note, the area underneath the stove was in desperate need of a cleaning, and removal of old stove has allowed me to do just that:


Stove Cubby

We also have learned that if you don’t perform stove maintenance regularly, the bolts will seize and repair/replace will be next to impossible and you won’t know until you have destroyed the stove.  We also learned how easy it is to clean around the stove, just takes the removal of a few screws and someone to help lift it out of it’s cubby.

In the meantime, we are enjoying the company of my Mom and Karl, who have been kind enough to run us around town for various errands and we have had some good meals.  We have seen many dolphin and pelicans and well, the view isn’t too bad :).

Intercoastal Waterway               Bridge, just off our dock

The ICW and the bridge, just off our dock



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